Fresh Sockeye Salmon Distributed to Community Members

Sockeye Salmon

July 28, 2016 was a busy day here at the Sema:th Lands office. We were able to distribute an estimate of 175 freshly caught sockeye to community members.

The fish were distributed on a first come, first serve basis, primarily to elders and those who didn’t have access to fishing. We recorded and tracked all portions of fish distributed.

The Sema:th Lands & Resources Department would like to thank all of those that helped out and made the distribution possible.

A huge thank you to SFN staff, fishermen, Counsellor Murray Ned (Kwilosintun), and all the volunteers that took part in the busy day. I witnessed a lot of happy smiling faces and was also shown gratitude and appreciation from each community member as they received their share of fish. For the love of Sockeye!

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