Chief’s Message Chief Dalton Silver

Creek On Sumas First Nation reserveMy grandpa used to say, that in the Coast Salish Territory Sema:th* was the central location where the people used to gather.

The people gathered in the summertime as we had Sema:th lake that once offered every species of fish right there at the front of our village and in the winter time people gathered there from all parts of the Coast Salish Nation for the winter ceremonies and I hope sometime in the future that we can reestablish Sema:th as a central place amongst the Coast Salish.

That we can gather again and maintain the ties that we once had as Salish People.

In the modern contest with our new surroundings we need to interact with our new neighbors. We need to build relationships, share our histories so that we can better understand each other while maintaining our identity as Sema:th. We need to strengthen our position in the local economy and in society itself.

*The name Sema:th had to do with the thick grass or reeds on the shallow waters at the shores of Sema:th Lake.

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