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Department Description

The role of the department is to assist Council to strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency and accoutability of its operation.  The team provides support and advice to all operating departments within the organization to assist them in accomplishing their financial and technological objectives.

Services Offered

  1. The department provides Chief and Council with a financial planning function through development of budgets, cash flow projections and work plans.
  2. It also serves Chief and Council in the financial integrity function through management of banking, insurance, asset management, investment and borrowing, and audits
  3. The department provides regular financial reporting to Chief and Council and Band Management, to departments, to outside funding agencies and government, to banks and to membership
  4. It supplies payment services to all departments in the form of vendor payments and payments to employees, students, members and Social Assistance clients
  5. The Finance department works with other departments to administer the revenue function, ensuring that all revenues are collected and properly recorded.

Mission Statement

To maintain the financial integrity of Sumas First Nation

Accounting Clerk: Diana Eglit