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Committee Members










"Good day to all! I am eager to be a part of the Land Code Committee. I look forward to the possibilities of our future."

-Josie Kelly










"I am happy to be on the Land Code Committee, it will be a great learning experience that I will share with the community."

-Melvin Williams









"It is a lot of reading but interesting and will be good for Sumas. I look forward to working on the committee with everyone."

-Audrey Silver










"I think what we are doing is great, Sumas needs a Land Code. I am happy to be a part of the committee."

-Ambrose D. Silver











"It is a step towards self governance. Also, we will have direct authority over our land and resources."

-Lyndy Silver

"It is progress in action and I hope that it doesn't stop."

-Ed Williams Sr.











"I am excited about working on the committee. The Land Code is an important step towards self governance and economic development. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the Code, I would be happy to talk with them."

-Troy Ganzeveld










"In order for Sumas First Nation to progress into controlled self governance, our community needs to have a Land Code! Please read our hand outs. Thank you for all your support! All my relations."

-Larry Ned Sr.