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Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment


Sumas First Nation contracted Teranis Consulting Ltd. to complete the on-site work for the Phase 2 Site Assessment. In the near future, a Community meeting will be held to go over the final report/results of the tests. The purpose of this work is to identify Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APECs) and the degree of environmental impact. The community member's cooperation during the time of the on-site work is greatly appreciated. By allowing the consultants on-site, progression can be made to the next phase of work, obligating Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada to mitigate all 'hot spots' within the reserve boundary.



Through this work, Sumas First Nation was able to hire four (4) On-Call Environmental Technician Trainees to act as a community liaison, and receive hands-on training in environmental site assessments. The four trainees were Sam Kelly, Tannis Tommy, Roberto Silver and Brandon Ned. It is the hope of the Nation, to have band members trained in the areas of future management. Under the Sema:th Land Code, the Nation will develop and enact an Environmental Law, and it is beneficial to have members aware of the process.


Please watch for the announcement of the upcoming Information session. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at (604) 852-4040 ext. 23. Jennifer Campbell, Lands & Resources Manager